About WomenFuture Awards

The mission of the award is to promote women and make visible female role models in the Zanzibar society. This, in turn, will hopefully have many ripple effects, such as increasing the self-worth and pride of the women who are nominated and awarded, inspiring others to take leadership in their own lives and communities, spreading positive stories about women’s leaderhip to all citizens and in general promoting the idea that women in leadership and gender equality is good for all.

Our vision is that the prize will be widely known in Zanzibar as an important annual event with the objective of highlighting female role models in Zanzibar and inspire other women to become entrepreneurs, to start businesses, to become leaders, or to lead ways in fields mostly dominated by men.

Aisha Bakary and John John Bruseth applauding.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the award.

The winner will be selected by the partners behind this award.

The overall aim of the project is related to Goal 5 of the UN Sustainability Development Goals of achieving gender equality in society in general, more specifically we hope to create positive attention to the role that women play in the society.

The prize is 1 milion TZS, a diploma and a portfolio of promotion opportunities such as photoshoots and media coverage.

The award is given to one woman each year with the aim of celebrating her leadership and spreading the story about both the winner, the award and why the award is necessary.