Winner 2019

Aisha Bakary

When the jury sat down and went through the possible winners, Aisha early stood out as a worthy winner. Her background and unusual pathway caught our interest, and the choice became clear – she is the winner of Woman of the Year 2019.

Living in a predominantly muslim country where men set the rules, it is challenging for women to work their way up. Aisha has not only made it in her regular working life, but also in a business where no woman has ever made it before on Zanzibar – the DJ field. It has been a rough path, but she has turned her back to the negative comments, kept going every time the road has been blocked and stood tall through all the backlashes. She has worked her way to the top, and is today working as the first female DJ on Zanzibar under the name of “The Hijab DJ”.

Aisha’s accomplishments are of great inspiration to other women who wishes to enter the DJ field, and for women in other fields where women historically have had no chance of making it.

Aisha is a worthy winner, and her work and accomplishments fits perfectly with the visions of WomenFuture and the award Woman of the Year. Aisha will be a clear guideline for the nominations of the years to come.

Aisha Bakary with her mixing board in her hands.
Aisha Bakary DJ-ing.
It’s very hard to be a DJ as woman, especially here on Zanzibar as 99% of the population is muslim. Religion is not about how you look, but about what you believe in. I get a lot of bad comments, but I am confident in my beliefs and I never give up on my dreams until they are my reality.
Aisha Bakary, The Hijab DJ